How to get married in Florida

Step 1: Marriage License

You and your fiance must go to any courthouse of your choice in the state of Florida. Orange county courthouse is located at 425 N. Orange Avenue, Rm 350 Orlando, FL 32801. Go to the kiosk to retrieve your number. Be sure to choose Marriage License. There is a form that will take you under 10 minutes to fill out. Once your number is called the clerk will retrieve the form from you and will print your Marriage License. You both will sign it as well as the clerk. The cost is $86. Your marriage license will be effective on the 3rd day after receiving it if you’re a Florida resident. The marriage license will expire after 60 days. The next step is to get married!

Step 2: Marriage Ceremony

A reservation is needed to schedule your wedding day and time with your Wedding Officiant. Please proceed to the Packages page for pricing.

Step 3: Last step

The wedding officiant must sign and stamp your marriage license after the ceremony is complete. You then must either mail it or take it back to the marriage license office so that they can record it. If you don’t do this last step there will be no record of marriage. If you go in person you will receive your certified copy right away. If you mail it instead it will take approximately 10 days to receive your certified copy in the mail.

This document is what you use as proof of your marriage for any agency who may need it for purposes of insurance, change of name, military, etc.

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