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Notary Public Orlando

Notary Public Orlando

My Wedding Day

Bloomed in Spring of ‘97 ~ On the 23rd of April, my very own wedding day, a Notary Public came to our home, amongst our family and friends and officiated our wedding ceremony. Our wedding day was amazing!  I had carefully coordinated everything from the invitations to the honeymoon! My husband was so impressed with how beautiful our wedding turned out that he suggested I would make an awesome Wedding Officiant and should start a new career doing weddings. At first I thought, “Me??” I was nervous at just the thought of standing in front of a large group of people, I thought, “No way!” 


~ My wedding in 1997 ~

Then it came up again in the days to follow, this time my husband was sincerely encouraging me to consider the idea.  He sounded so confident that I would be perfect for officiating weddings as a career and I too started to feel intrigued.  So, the next day I called Claire, our Wedding Officiant, and after she answered a million questions I started to think, “Maybe I could do this after all!"  I was immediately pleased with how right it felt as I envisioned myself in a new career as a Wedding Officiant.  Within a few weeks I commenced to launch my new career in the wedding business!

My Story ~ I learned some time ago that our career paths often come to be what they are from something that had a profound impact on us in our adolescence, like between ages 5 & 7.  I gave that some thought.  I realized that for me, at 7 years old my parent had split up.  My parent's breakup had a huge impact on me.  I was devastated.  I didn't want my family to be broken up.  This event, their breakup, created my destiny.  Since 1997, at 32 years of age I dedicated myself  to healing the split, in essence, by joining couples together in matrimony and eternal love.

Mom & Dad's Wedding


~ My mom & dad ~

True Story ~ I have 3 girl friends and 3 male friends which I hooked up on blind dates.  This was years ago.  As it turns out each of those couples had an amazing first date and have since married each other.  Some have had children, and all have been happily married ever since.  The longest is 25 years, before Beautiful Bridal Ceremonies officially came into existence!

My First Wedding 1997

At the beginning of my career ~ In order to gain experience and to promote my new business I approached all of my neighbors with a Flyer that read: "Hi, I'm Nancy, your new friendly neighborhood Notary!  I am offering free notary services to all of my neighbors for one full year!"  And so it was!  If  you were my neighbor your notaries were free.  If you were a friend of a neighbor, well that's when true business kicked in!!


Here is the first couple who received my flyer from one of my friendly neighbors.

My very first wedding!

September 8, 1997

I will never forget this one!  I was so nervous I could feel myself trembling inside but trying not to show it of course!  Not too long into it I realized I was not alone ... the bride & groom were just as nervous as I was.  It was so cute!  I had recycled the wedding arch and bridal accessories from my own wedding for this couple as a rental.  Suddenly I'm an Entrepreneur!

In the business of Love!






Ah Indeed

After all, it has been said …

”I was born to do this”


“I Do”

Believe in Love!

A Love Guru?

One day a woman ~  77 years old, approached me at the end of a ceremony, which was her 5th and youngest granddaughter’s wedding ceremony. She reached for my hand and said, “Thank you”. I stood paused, a little confused, as she continued to speak softly, “I have seen all of my grandchildren marry and I have been to each of their weddings. This is my youngest granddaughter and the last to be married. When my granddaughter told me that a Notary Public would be officiating at her wedding I was disappointed that they would not be married in the church.” She continued, “But after hearing your ceremony, I must tell you, I listened to your every word and I was very touched by what you expressed to my granddaughter and her new husband and how pointed and well-chosen the words you shared with them today. I’m saying “Thank you” because I am very pleased with your performance here today and you fit the part perfectly!  God bless you!”

My wedding day 1997

As time moved forward ~ I started thinking about all kinds of wonderful ideas of how to help other people have a simple, well organized, beautiful bridal ceremony with comfortable pricing!


Fast forward to 2018 I have officiated over a thousand weddings!  I am experienced and prepared to meet your every wedding need from the invitations to the honeymoon! Fancy, elegant, simple, or Oooo~Lala!  You like it ~ I love it!  Your day ~ your way!


I’m here to help make your wedding day Beautiful!!

Wedding Chapel Orlando, FL

Beautiful Bridal Ceremonies proudly presents ~ it's own onsite wedding chapel!  This chapel of love is located in the heart of Orlando.  It is available for your wedding ceremony if you have a small group joining you and wish to experience a more classy intimate setting, this chiquely decorated wedding chapel will suit you beautifully!

Thank You!


 If you've got questions ~ I've got answers!


(407) 282-7892

Nancy Ventura

Beautiful Bridal Ceremonies

Create yourself a Feeling Good day!

Nancy the Notary
Notary Public
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